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Local Election Candidate 2019

Dublin City Council

Kimmage-Rathmines Local Electoral Area

Dublin city is undergoing a period of growth and change we have not seen in generations. While economic activity is booming, our city is experiencing enormous social and environmental challenges which need to be tackled by creative and collaborative thinking at a local level.

  • Proactive and energetic housing solutions for all – homes within the city council area for those who wish to buy, rent privately and affordably or avail of social housing.

  • Homeless services which provide shelter and dignity for individuals and families in need, and a planned pathway to a better future

  • A fairer and more transparent Local Property Tax – the current system discriminates against Dublin householders

  • Safe streets and neighbourhoods with a renewed focus on community policing and early intervention as a method of crime prevention

  • Further investment in community cultural and recreational services including playgrounds, libraries and parks

  • Local and affordable quality childcare

  • Public transport that works for you

  • A clean sustainable city with a focus on environmental protection with continuous environmental education initiatives at a local level, proper enforcement of environmental bye-laws on litter, illegal dumping and dog fouling

  • Enhanced opportunities and services for older people and our neighbours with disabilities

These are my early priorities, but I welcome your views on all policy issues if you decide to elect me as your voice on Dublin City Council at the next local elections in May 2019

I live in this community with my young family

and I love this city.

Like you, I want Dublin to be a place we can be proud of for all our citizens no matter their age or circumstances. My wish is to represent you on the Council for the next 5 years.

I am asking for your Number 1 vote on May 24th 2019

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